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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. has built up an enviable reputation globally by partnering with many of the world’s biggest retail brands on every continent.

Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. has built up an enviable reputation globally by partnering with many of the world’s biggest retail brands on every continent.

India is one of the world’s leaders in textile raw materials and its production. Textiles and clothing are the oldest industries in the country and one of the largest segments of the Indian economy, employing approximately 35 million people. Edifice Couture Pvt. Ltd. is proud to conserve India’s rich weaving heritage while keeping pace with modern business; offering flexible and reliable service to clients from all over the world.

Edifice Couture Pvt. Ltd. is one of the world’s premier textile manufacturers. Established in 2011, Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. has built an enviable reputation globally by partnering with many of the worlds biggest retail brands on every continent. By leveraging the formidable resources of several factories based in India, Edifice Couture is able to offer the worldwide market a truly unique experience compared to traditional sourcing paths.

With offices set up around the world, Edifice Couture .offers superior sourcing and product development advantages whilst simultaneously providing factory gate pricing and, in some countries, offering localised warehousing and logistics. Edifice Couture Pvt. Ltd. is your direct link to sourcing the latest global trends in home textiles including bed linen, curtains, rugs, quilts, throw rugs, cushions, bath towels, window furnishings, roll fabrics and much more.
Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. is a proud manufacturer of some of the world’s most well-known brands, and continues to increase its collective manufacturing offer year-on-year.

Edifice Couture Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to partnering with key retailers in the International market over the long-term and has done so successfully for over 10 years.

By providing a related portfolio of product offerings, buyers have the ability to completely co-ordinate their seasonal delivery of products and ensure cohesion across each product category.

Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. is managed by textile professionals who have a clear understanding of the world's marketplace; so customised designs and ranging capabilities are matched to each retail partners style. Having partnered with leading global brands for decades, Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. ensures that every step of the process is managed to industry leading standards.

We are committed to responsible and sustainable sourcing of materials, environmental best practices in manufacturing and the welfare of our talented employees. By operating to globally recognised standards such as ISO 9001, our retail partners can have complete confidence in every step of the supply chain.

Although large in scale and supply, Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. maintains its humble beginnings as a family run business, steeped in the Indian tradition of excellent hospitality for its visitors. The company’s directors Mr. Rahul Aggarwal keep their finger on the pulse at all times, ensuring open lines of communication for all their respected clients. Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International a proud manufacturer of some of the world’s most well-known brands, and continues to increase its collective manufacturing offer year-on-year.
Edifice Couture helps maximise the profitability of its business partners and delivers consumer satisfaction across the globe.

While offering a wide range of its own design & innovation. Edifice Couture Pvt. Ltd. also responds quickly to customised development needs through its in-house sampling unit and specially trained personnel that oversee the development process, to ensure quick sampling and accurate quotation.

Focusing on punctual deliveries and range development that is fashionable and affordable, Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc.helps maximise the profitability of its business partners and delivers consumer satisfaction across the globe.

At Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc.we are continually aspiring to an increased level of customer service.

• New range development is a year-round process.
• Travel and continual research of market trends means that Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International always in touch with global trends and evolving market needs.
• Textile experts are on site and readily available for advice.
• Superior weaving plant with state-of-the-art shuttle-less looms weave the most sophisticated designs of up to 4m wide at high speed.
• Computerised designs in handloom weaving.
• Some of the worlds finest master weavers on hand for development and monitoring production.
• High capacity production and worldwide shipping.

Edifice Couture Pvt. Ltd. are proud suppliers to some of the world’s largest retailers…

Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc.are also proud members of these international manufacturing associations and accreditation standards:

Edifice Couture Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of sheets and fashion bed linen. From 120–2000TC, all sheeting is lab tested and offered in Cotton, Cotton Rich, Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton and many more options.

Quilt Covers, Coverlets & Bedspreads can all be made using various fabrics such as cotton matelassé, chenille, linen, bamboo, cotton/linen, cotton/polyester, cotton/rayon and cotton/lurex blends.

Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc.also has superior expertise in handloom products including dobby and jacquard techniques. Also offering a wide range of workmanship such as embroidery, applique, quilting, embellished plus many more.

Available in 120–2000TC.

• Various Blends
• Cotton
• Poly Cotton
• Cotton Rich
• Linen
• Bamboo
• Lyocell
• Tencel
• Silk
• Voile

• Percale
• Sateen
• Jacquard
• Textured
• Yarn Dyed
• Printed
• Plain Dyed
• Quilted
• Matelassé

Available in 120–2000TC.

• Cotton
• Poly Cotton
• Cotton Rich
• Linen
• Cotton Lyocell

• Percale
• Sateen
• Jacquard
• Printed
• Plain Dyed
• Yarn Dyed
• Stonewash

Digital printing is available for Bed Linen, Cushions, Tea Towels and Accessories.

• Printed Texture Detail
• Photographic Prints
• Watercolour Prints
• Tie Dye Effect

No colour limitations.

Wide range of fabric options from textured to sateen.

Quick sample process.

Low MOQ’s.

Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. specialises in the design and manufacture of cushions and throw rugs, catering for high fashion clients as well as more subtle, lifestyle markets.

Cushions are available in almost anything including embroidered, woven jacquard, dobby, handloom, knitted, quilted, patchwork, applique, tufted, yarn dyed, digital printed, macramé and many other options.

Available in a wide range of designs or custom made.

• Cushions
• Throw Rugs
• Floor Cushions
• Curtains
• Wall Hangings
• Stools
• Ottomans
• Storage Baskets
• Hammocks

• Jute
• Cotton
• Wool
• Linen
• Acrylic
• Polyester
• Blends

• Handwoven
• Knitted
• Tufted
• Embroidered
• Macramé
• Embellished

Inspired by the diversity of Oriental, European and modern western cultures, Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. offers a sophisticated range of floor rugs and carpets.

Our floor covering ranges can be produced in all standard sizes or as per buyer’s specifications, using a number of compositions such as wool, viscose, acrylic, cotton and jute.

Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International also proud to offer eco-friendly solutions in floor coverings through the use of recycled fabrics and 100% natural dyes.

Available in a wide range of designs or custom made.

Complete sampling service.

• Dhurrie
• Flokati
• Embellished
• Plain
• Textured
• Modern
• Traditional

• Jute
• Cotton
• Wool
• Silk
• Blends
• Natural Fibre

• Flatweaves
• Handknotted
• Handwoven
• Handtufted
• Machine loomed

Stunning designs in fabrics and ready-made curtains are available with co-ordinating features such as embroidery, applique, beaded work, embossing, tassels and cording.

At their state of the art manufacturing plant, Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc.produces woven jacquards, dobby weaving, table-top printing and three pass coating offered in cotton, linen, polyester, pure silk, nylon, viscose, chenille and other blended fabrics.

Available in a wide selection of designs and colours or custom made.

• Jacquard
• Plain Dyed
• Patterned
• Velour
• Terry
• Zero Twist
• Fashion Borders

Available in a wide selection of designs and colours or custom made.

• Jacquard
• Plain Dyed
• Patterned
• Printed Velour
• Terry
• Fashion Borders
• Fringes
• Tassels
• Plain Border

Edifice Couture Pvt. Ltd. offers one of the the widest ranges of bath mats in the world.

Using advanced tufting machines and unique dyeing and finishing processes, just some of the options include tufted, patterned, embossed, high-end terry woven and chenille.

We primarily use cotton for our bath mat ranges but also use acrylic, latex/rubber backing, PVC lamination, synthetic leather cloth and jute.

Wide selection of designs and colours or custom made.

Showroom #10, Opp Teekana Lahuwala Gurudwara
Sanoli Road, Panipat -132103, India
Tel: +91 89-5022-4288

Edifice Couture A Unit of The Divine International Inc. is a leading wholesale distributor of home textiles and apparel fabrics and supplies retailers and importers across India, Australia and New Zealand, offering a wide range of textile options.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Look into bed sheet in Wiktionary, the free lexicon.

 A sheet is a rectangular bit of fabric utilized as bedding, being set quickly beneath or above bed tenants. Bed sheets can by and large be partitioned into two classes: "best" and "base" sheets.

A base sheet is laid over the sleeping cushion and bed inhabitants lie on it. It might be either a level sheet (additional texture is generally tucked under the sleeping pad), or a fitted sheet, which is sewn in a pocket-like shape to go down finished the edges of the bedding, and has a flexible band around the edges of the sheet to keep the sheet from slipping. Be that as it may, this can make it more hard to crease when not being used.

Base sheets are standard in created nations. They are more effectively launderable than a sleeping cushion, and when utilized appropriately can secure the life span of the bedding and give better sanitation to bed tenants.

A best sheet is a level sheet which bed inhabitants lie underneath. Covers, quilts, duvets/sofas and other bed blankets are laid over the best sheet, but since of the best sheet they don't specifically contact the bed tenant.

Top sheets are standard in the U.S., yet a lot of Europe wants to utilize duvet covers. A duvet cover comprises of two square shapes sewn together on everything except one side to make a sleeve for the duvet, which can be taken off and washed. At the point when no different covers are lain on the secured duvet, it can give a few preferences over a best sheet. To begin with, regarding sanitation, with a best sheet the bed inhabitant could incidentally in the night expel the hindrance amongst themself and the duvet (which is less launderable); with a duvet cover this is unthinkable. Second, for family units with youngsters, a bed with a secured duvet is simpler to make: the kid require just pull the edges of the duvet back towards the sides of the bed. Tucking in a best sheet before orchestrating the duvet is an additional progression. Third, exchanging a duvet cover is a less expensive approach to change shading plans than purchasing another sofa.

Be that as it may, a best sheet has its own favorable circumstances. Initial, a tucked-in top sheet can give a happy with feeling of coziness that duvets can't, as duvets are not typically sufficiently substantial to tuck under the bedding. Second, top sheets permit a more extensive scope of cover decisions other than duvets, for example, quilts. Sheets are additionally substantially less demanding to supplant subsequent to being washed, on the grounds that duvets can be hard to embed into a duvet cover. Utilizing a duvet rather than a best sheet additionally keeps a bed client from expelling covers amid the night without being totally without cover, while a best sheet gives essential scope without protecting excessively warm.

In some Asian nations, for example, China, top sheets are not utilized. Level sheets are frequently utilized instead of fitted sheets or together with them as base sheets.[clarification needed] Most families like to utilize duvet spreads to cover the coverlets.


1 History

2 Styles

3 Materials

4 Construction

5 See moreover

6 References


The term bed sheet was first utilized in the fifteenth century.[1] Bed sheets were generally white and made of material, cotton or silk, however now different hues and examples are utilized.


Changing James Garfield's bedclothes after his shooting

Bed sheets come in two fundamental assortments: level and fitted. A level sheet is basically a rectangular sheet of material, while a fitted sheet has its four corners, and some of the time two or four sides, fitted with versatile, to be utilized just as a base sheet. The fitted sheet may likewise be anchored utilizing a drawstring rather than versatile. The reason for a fitted base sheet is to shield it from slipping off the sleeping pad while the bed is being used. A specific method for collapsing and tucking while at the same time making the bed, known as "healing center corners," is here and there utilized when the base sheet is level instead of fitted.

Generally a level bed sheet is overlocked around the edges to shape four creases. One of the creases is more extensive than the other three and assists with situating the sheet effectively on the sleeping pad. The more extensive crease goes at the head end of the sleeping pad. Now and then the sides don't have creases, however are done with the selvedge as it were. While putting a level sheet on a bed, the maker has composed the printed side to be milder, and therefore it ought to be set on the bed printed side "down". When collapsing back the spreads, this likewise permits the printed side to appear, for tasteful purposes. When one makes a bed, the designed or monogrammed side of the best sheet is set looking down and after that the best edge is collapsed towards the foot of the bed, uncovering the outline.

In the US and Canada, sheets are frequently sold in a four-piece set comprising of a fitted sheet, a level sheet and two pillowcases. In China, a four-piece set comprises of a duvet cover, two pillowcases and either a fitted or level sheet.


Weavers deal with a healing facility bed sheet on a conventional manual linger in Faisalabad, Pakistan, in 2010

Cotton and cotton mixes rule the market. The most widely recognized mix being cotton and polyester. Cotton gives sponginess and a delicate hand, while polyester includes solidness and wrinkle resistance.[2] Other regular strands utilized in the assembling of bed sheets incorporate material, silk, Modal and bamboo rayon, lyocell, and polypropylene. Polypropylene (olefin) is a hypoallergenic spun-bound material created requiring little to no effort and normally utilized in crisis safe houses or doctor's facilities as expendable sheeting.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Best Bedsheet Manufacturing Industries from Panipat

Saturday, 29 July 2017



The Divine International Inc.

A significant number of our clients like the way that The Divine International Inc. supplies driving inns. All things considered, one of the more pleasant encounters of remaining in an opulent lodging is the nature of the bedding and toweling. What's more, a further preferred standpoint for the mortgage holder is that with The Divine International Inc. you get great quality items yet at discount costs and significantly less expensive than on the High Street.

Another advantage is that The Divine International Inc. is in contact with the new things occurring in Spa Hotels and Health clubs. Since these settings connect to the entire ethos of wellbeing, magnificence and prosperity, the patterns they are making are frequently important to The Divine International Inc's. perceiving, common and minding clients.

Natural towels and bedding is one territory in which clients can express their anxiety for the earth. The Divine International Inc. go incorporates immaculate cotton natural bed cloth and towels. These are made from 100% regular cotton from affirmed sources and ensured not to have any pesticides or engineered manures engaged with their development.

Hypersensitivities are a major issue nowadays, with up to one out of three individuals enduring. A noteworthy reason for hypersensitivities is the tidy parasite and it is disturbing to surmise that millions live in many beds.

There are some straightforward fundamental tenets you can take after to monitor the circumstance, for example, pulling your bedding back amid the day and when conceivable keeping the room all around disclosed.

The Divine International Inc. offers various items to facilitate the weakening side effects of sensitivities. The Microfibre Down-Feel Duvets are hostile to allergenic, of a high caliber and basically feel like duck down. The Microfibre run stretches out to hostile to allergenic cushions to enable sufferers to encounter a superior night's rest. It is not shocking that numerous great inns are changing to non-allergenic choices nowadays.

Another zone of care is the utilization of present day towels and toweling that essentially require less drying and along these lines spares vitality and the world's assets. A decent case of this is The Divine International Inc's. new scope of empty bend towels and shower robes, which are built such that they feel unbelievably delicate and extravagant but are light to the touch. A major reward is they dry effectively without wasting vitality on tumble drying.

Have a decent look through the site for sound choices and make sure to keep your overnight boardinghouse room very much circulated to keep those tidy parasites under control.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Best Bed Sheet Manufacturer in Panipat

Best Bed Sheet Manufacturer in Panipat

The Divine International Inc., situated in Panipat, is one of the well- known companies engaged in offering finest quality bed sheets, curtains, bed covers and pillow covers. If client has the passion of decorating her house with colorful cushions, bed sheets, pillows then our store is the best place to come. In eye soothing colors, you can buy entire kinds of upholstery items and that too, at feasible rates We are one of the leading manufacturer of handloom products having highly experienced, talented & devoted team that provides tasteful designs & colors with uncomparable quality and service.

We also keep a good stock of designer materials, which are made from good fabrics and show durable properties. We offer pillows in different sizes that are filled with buckwheat and foam.

We realize the ever changing needs of our valued customers with the goal of providing high-quality products, first rate service and increase innovation. In addition to offering excellent quality for the money, it works closely with the leading textiles trends, and our deep industry knowledge enables us to fulfill our customers every demand and our infrastructure provides the capacity and capability to develop their ideas on looms.
The Divine is on top in Google  Searches by  Best Bed Sheet Manufacturer in Panipat

Synonym of excellence, our Printed Cotton Bed Sheets, plain bed sheets, wall hangings etc. portray the creativity of our adroit craftsmen. Beautifully crafted, our handicraft products are ideal to give unique look to the interiors.

Special Attractions: top Bedsheet maker in Panipat
> We offer high- rate Bed Sheets which are stuffed with highly resilient materials.
> With the usage of high-end foams, visco- elastic or latex, Bed Sheet manufacturers enhance the flexibility of mats and cushions.
> From our well- equipped hub, you are free to choose beds sheets, pillow covers and curtains as per the theme and paint of your room.
> Bed covers are available in embroideries, ethnic prints, kashidakari, kantha work that play crucial role in giving the beds a terrific appearance.
> The products we keep with us are easy to wash and maintain.

With our wide experience and market expertise, we have been able to garner goodwill of a large number of clients. Our objective is to offer total customer satisfaction to the clients in terms of quality, performance, price, and timely delivery. Consequently, we are reckoned as one of the credible Home Furnishing Textiles Exporters based in India.  greatest Bed Sheet producer in Panipat

From intial stages of production to packaging, our experienced staff & inhouse departments like Designing, Manufacturing, Stiching, Packaging, Quality Control works in close cordination to give our clients the best quality and timely deliveries.

Hope You Find the our article good on most excellent Bed sheet company in Panipat 

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Introducing The Divine International Inc.

ABOUT THE COMPANY, which went live in 2015, was set up by a bundle of youthful, energetic IIT graduates as a web-based retailing wander with the goal of making books available to people living in the farthermost parts of India. Today we offer Home Furnishings, mobiles, home apparatuses, social insurance and individual care items at focused costs upheld by incite conveyance and fabulous client service.E-Divine: a national, online Fashion and Lifestyle mark for the Youth.

The Brand

E-Divine is a national online Fashion and Lifestyle mark that joins Urban American and Indian Lifestyle with a quintessential Youth-arranged Fashion: its Spirit, Energy and Authenticity. The brand offers an animating turn to the class of preppy design, offering a valid easygoing wear range to the young who look for event drove form. The Divine urges its group of onlookers to set out on a trip of finding's one of a kind soul and pick attire that help express one's Individuality. Basically, it is about being and commending 'your identity'.

We genuinely put stock in being real to oneself and in the Easy Confidence that permits one to pronounce 'E-DIVINE'.

E-Divine, with its particular scope of Men's and Women's attire, adornments and footwear is roused by attractive chic urban Indian way of life. The styling is particularly cutting edge and voguish, with an accentuation on plan, quality, development and moderateness.

Associate: With you wherever you go! Very much associated with youth today, we are here to be a piece of you, for you.

Vitality: The brand is optimistic in making a vivacious nearness with the gathering of people and interfaces in a way where we run perky with what we do.

Legitimacy: We put stock in genuine self, in being 'AS I AM'. We bring the best of all styles, textures, hues and patterns of the season at exceptionally reasonable costs

Imaginative – Creativity, and the yearning to lead edge, drives us. We persistently enhance textures and development subtle elements It makes our items all the more energizing, and settle on us the brand of decision for our clients.

Genuine Value: This is the foundation of our image. We value items decently and sincerely. We work proficiently, and fabricate associations with makers who have demonstrated they are gifted, fetched cognizant, effective and socially capable.

Fabulousness: It's not just about our top notch item we trust in perfection in all that we do, it's that straightforward. Our Identity, Product specifying, Packaging and Fulfillment is at standard with International measures.

Client center - We stick to an arrangement of center qualities and business rehearses driven by one all-encompassing guideline: What's''' best for our clients is the thing that ensures our prosperity. Online Guidelines

We ask for you to abstain from utilizing any hostile, forceful, or improper dialect on our online networking locales. These posts will be evacuated.

We maintain all authority to expel remarks or posts that seem hostile or a type of spam and proper move will be make activity rehash guilty parties.

We don't not assume liability for substance posted by outsiders on our channels.

- Online Retail Launch website of the year

- Best E-business site

- Retail Marketing effort of the year (on the web)

- Digital media crusade Products

Attire: Men and Women

Take your pick of everything from coats and pants, denims, sports wear, shirts, tops, tees, polos and sweat shirts to sweaters.

Footwear: Men and Women

We offer an extensive variety of footwear for men and ladies easygoing cowhide tennis shoes, deck shoes, sandals, wedges, ballet dancers and so on

Products & Services

The Divine International Inc. is occupied with assembling and providing of astounding scope of Home Furnishing things, for example, Bedsheets, Curtains, Blankets, Pillows, Throws, Carpets ,Kitchen Accessories and so forth. The Divine International Inc. was built up in the year 2014, and we supply and assembling of the best quality and specialty items."

Our uncompromising duty to Global rules of Quality has seen us grow superbly throughout the latest decade, to make our own one of a kind corner in the significantly forceful world markets, thus the association has accomplished many fulfilled and cheerful customers. We don't trade off with our quality and we utilize best in class office to get the wanted yield. While fabricating, testing of each part is done at different phases of whole item lifecycle to guarantee ideal level of value and take after the accepted procedures for best outcomes and execution. is a web based shopping portal,featuring a wide grouping of items crosswise over classes. The brings a remarkable gathering of Home Furnishings Such as bed sheets,Bed Covers, Curtains, Pillow Covers, Cushion Covers, Top Sheets and Fashion and Lifestyles too . The brand has a ton in store for you.

Our Business Rules are Very Basic.

1. Genuineness is the Best Policy.

2. Purchase on Cheap rates and Sell Cheaper than others.

3. Less Profit More Customer Satisfaction.

Much obliged and Regards

The Divine International inc.